Globosat is among the first companies to use a waveform monitor from Tektronix to ensure the quality of its 4K broadcasts in Brazil of the World Cup.

Globosat is using Tek’s WVR8300 to monitor the signal from its 4K cameras shooting the World Cup games.

The WVR8300 can perform a range of measurements including four tile displays of waveform, picture, vector, gamut and eye diagram.

Tek built the monitor based on an architecture designed to support the throughput requirements of 4K content. Global availability of the Tektronix 4K software upgrade for the WFM8200/8300 and the WVR8200/8300 is planned for Q3 2014.

Globosat is set to broadcast the final three games of the 2014 World Cup live in Ultra HD, using technology from Broadcom and from Elemental Technologies. Broadcom and Elemental Tech say this will be the first broadcast of Ultra HD (4K) at 60 frames per second and with 10-bit Rec 2020 color.

“The World Cup is one of the world’s premier sport events and we’re committed to offering it to our viewers with the next-level experience of 4K delivered with superb quality.  With four times the resolution of HD, 4K will provide an unparalleled viewing experience for our viewers,” said Loucenço Carvano, technology manager of Globosat. “We’ve long worked with Tektronix to ensure the quality of our programming and immediately turned to them and their WFM and WVR8300, which we were already using, for this important project.”

 “Offering the World Cup in 4K is a highly ambitious effort and Globosat is clearly committed to ensuring that its coverage of the games is as pristine and picture-perfect as possible for its viewers.  Having our WVR8300 play such a crucial role in this effort is a testament to its industry-leading 4K performance and demonstrates its suitability for 4K,” said Eben Jenkins, general manager, video product line, Tektronix. “Like our other software upgradeable products, the WVR8300 is an example of how Tektronix protects its customers’ investments by enabling existing solutions to be easily upgraded with new features and capabilities to support 4K and other emerging customer needs.”