As of last week, Cox Business data customers can tap into more than 250,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the nation from other members of the CableWiFi Alliance at no additional charge.  

Also on the Wi-Fi front, Cox Business has deployed a gateway from Cisco that enables public and private SSIDs for its business customers.

In addition to Cox, the CableWiFi roaming agreement also includes access points from Comcast, Cablevision, Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks. Cox Business Internet customers can provide up to 10 employees access to the hotspots with each able to connect up to three devices at the same time.

When out of Cox’s footprint, Cox Business customers can connect to the CableWiFi network name, select the Cox logo and then sign in with their Cox Business “MyAccount” IDs and passwords for access to the roaming hotspots.

In a similar vein to Time Warner Cable and Comcast, Cox Business has launched an integrated Wi-Fi gateway from Cisco that allows its business data customers to set up separate SSIDs. Cox Business Internet Gateway and Guest WiFi service uses Cisco’s dual band 3829 gateway/router, which combines a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem with a Wi-Fi-enabled 802.11ac router.

“What that does is it provides, at a dramatically lower cost, the opportunity for an all-in-one device from Cox as your provider,” said Jeff Adelmann, vice president of product for Cox Business. “We can offer you wireline connecitivy and backhaul as well as a Wi-Fi service that you can use for your employees and then on top of that the ability to provide a guest Wi-Fi service. So if you have customers that are in a waiting area, for example, through that same device they can have Wi-Fi service that’s provided to them on a different SSID and different backhaul bandwidth.

Businesses can create up to 16 SSID and password options with the gateway and guest WiFi service.

Roger Crisman director of product marketing, Cox Business said the new gateway would be generally available across Cox’s footprint by the end of the month. Cox Business launched a trial in its first set of markets in March before offering it across all of those markets last month. Also in May, Cox Business kicked off trials in its remaining markets.