In an effort to leave no video-related stone unturned, Comcast is working on a streaming service that would send non-linear video content to X1 boxes in subscribers’ homes.

While Comcast’s Streampix service focuses on streaming movies and TV shows from its list of network partners, the new platform would feature curated content, both short and long form, from non-linear Web partners.

The service could be enabled via an app on the X1 user interface, or blended in with the existing video content.

According to a story published by Gigaomlimited tests will take place later this year, but a spokesperson from Comcast said there’s currently no timeline for tests. The Information first wrote about the new online video platform in March. 

Both Gigaom and The Information positioned the new streaming platform as a competitor to YouTube. Comcast has been working to incorporate various apps into the X1 platform, which could include YouTube at some point. If Comcast is working behind the scenes to do a deal with YouTube, it wouldn’t make sense for it to develop a competitor.

While YouTube got its start with endless user-generated videos, Comcast’s new platform could provision video content that fills in niches around its extensive online video offerings.

Comcast’s X1 platform, which includes the X2 update and the new Xi3 box, is currently being installed at a rate of 15,000 to 20,000 boxes a day. Over the past two quarters, Comcast has added video subscribers, which was partially due to subscribers embracing the X1 platform.