Maggie Bellville has joined Hitachi Consulting as vice president and member of its U.S. Communications, Media & Entertainment Industry executive team.

For the last few years, Bellville has been consulting, first with an executive placement company and then with her own firm. She had been COO of Charter Communications (2002-05); CEO of streaming media specialist Incanta (2000-02), and EVP Operations at Cox Communications 1995-2001).

Bellville told CED that in her new job, she will be supporting not only cable operators but the entire broadband community – including programmers and content providers, as they plan new product launches, consider mergers and acquisitions, and make other investments.

Hitachi for cable industry applications for its targeted, market-tested technology solutions and professional services.

Referring to cable operators, she said, “it used to be that we could do everything ourselves. But with the way the world is going, it’s good to be able to work with trusted advisors, and be able to partner to get where we need to go quicker.”

Hitachi has been working with cable for a long time, she noted. It’s a vast company with extraordinary resources and expertise that ranges from specific hardware systems to big data, IT, billing solutions, and energy management.

Energy management is an area she expects might get some traction in the broadband industry. “Energy expenses are getting huge, and there are technological solutions Hitachi can offer.”

 “Hitachi is deeply committed to supporting the North American cable industry by providing an unmatched level of professional services and information software and hardware technologies that will ensure that cable operators deliver operational excellence and cost optimization,” said Michael McNabb, senior vice president of Hitachi Consulting. “Maggie brings a level of clarity, experience and resolve to always improve our industry. She will be addressing a range of powerful cable issues from market consolidation, business intelligence to energy savings. We couldn’t be more excited to have her on our team.”