Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) is now offering its small business customers access to a complimentary benefit program.

The program, which is called “PerkZone,” is a two-part platform that offers discounts from companies, such as OfficeMax, Lenovo, and ZipCar, as well as an information forum geared towards small business owners.


With the “Discounts & Deals” platform, customers can use a one-stop shop to see special offers ranging from discounts to free trials. They can also check out reviews from other users, and suggest an offer they would like to see. Customers can access these offers and make purchases directly from the participating companies using the PerkZone platform.

“We know that competing with enterprise corporations is a top pain point for small business owners, both in terms of resources and purchasing power. Owners look to one another to solve their day-to-day challenges, so giving them the opportunity to tap into a larger network of peers in similar situations can help them find proven solutions instead of reinventing the wheel,” said Claire Tassin, of the Corporate Executive Board Small Business Leadership Council. “Further, extending discounts usually only available to larger organizations gives small business customers a competitive edge.”

The “Ideas & Community” platform gives customers a forum to review news and trends, share ideas and read success stories from other companies. The forum was designed to provide customers with real time content to help them foster and grow their business through cross-collaboration.

“PerkZone extends the benefits of being a business class customer beyond our telecommunications solutions,” said Stephanie Anderson, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Time Warner Cable Business Services. “Customers have expressed a desire to connect with each other to solve business problems. PerkZone provides information on how technology can help their businesses, lets customers connect with each other to solve problems, and gives them access to great deals from other leading companies. It’s another way to demonstrate our commitment to helping our customers succeed.”

In a recent interview with CED, Time Warner Cable’s Phil Meeks, executive vice president and chief operating officer, business services, said that 85 percent of TWCBC’s customers and 65 percent of its revenues were from small businesses, and that those numbers would continue to increase over the coming years.