Time Warner Cable has launched a new online customer portal that will enable its customers to connect automatically to Wi-Fi hotspots operated by TWC.

TWC customers go to the new portal – called My WiFi – and register their Wi-Fi enabled devices. After that, they will automatically be signed in to any hotspot in TWC's network.

TWC Wi-Fi is available free to Time Warner Cable customers with Standard Internet or above and to all Business Class Internet customers.

Rob Cerbone, VP of mobile products for Time Warner Cable, said, “My WiFi allows our customers to easily connect to any one of TWC’s nearly 35,000 WiFi Hotspots around the country without needing credentials. 

“The portal also offers some great new information on how much data each device has used on the TWC WiFi network,” Cerbone continued, “and based on that info, how much they potentially saved by using our free WiFi instead of their cellular data plan.”

My WiFi can be accessed at and requires customers to sign in using their TWC ID. 

Features of the portal include:

Device Manager:  Customers can register all family Wi-Fi-enabled devices so they connect automatically to any TWC Wi-Fi Hotspot within range without requiring sign-in while on the go. Devices will remain authenticated to the TWC Wi-Fi network for one year and then can be renewed for continued access.

Usage Tracker:  Customers can view their data consumption on the TWC Wi-Fi network by device, detailing monthly, daily or even a custom date range.

Value Estimator:  Customers can view their estimated savings based on their TWC Wi-Fi usage. Users can select from four cellular rates, with the default setting being the most popular Tier 1 rate of $10/GB.

The network currently offers nearly 35,000 hotspots with significant coverage in Southern California, New York City, Kansas City, Charlotte, Myrtle Beach, Austin and Hawaii. 

[Update: automatic authentication will not be available through the Wi-Fi networks of TWC's cable partners as originally reported.]