With the birth of AT&T’s new app for babies, users will be covered by apps from the cradle to the grave.

AT&T’s BabyFirst’s U-verse app allows kids to create images on iPhone and iPad devices. From there they can see their handiwork on TV screens that are tuned to the BabyFirst channel.

The app features a wide array of animals, shapes, colors and objects from which babies and toddlers can pick and choose. AT&T said the app helped introduce growing children to colors, animals and shapes while enhancing hand-eye coordination. It was developed by child development experts and professionally tested by babies and toddlers.

“We are excited to bring to AT&T U-verse families a truly state-of-the-art app that provides endless hours of interactive fun and imagination,” said Guy Oranim, CEO of BabyFirst. “The app combines the most current technology with traditional creative activities. It makes watching BabyFirst on AT&T U-verse an extraordinary experience for children and parents alike.”

The app has two sections; the “Activity Room” that lets kids create their own designs, and “Coloring Pages” where children can choose from several color and shape choices to be more creative.

“This is an exciting step in children’s programming,” said Stephen Rys, vice president, video development, AT&T U-verse. “The addition of the BabyFirst App delivers a fun and educational interactive viewing opportunity exclusive to our subscribers. It’s a great complement to the BabyFirst programming.”

The BabyFirst Channel is available in the U-family and U300 packages and above on Channel 310 in standard definition. AT&T U-verse TV and High Speed Internet subscribers can access more information on the app by hitting the “Go Interactive” button on their TV remotes and then navigating to the “Mobile/Tablet” section.