Netgear has created a 7” Android tablet that service providers can give to customers of iControl-based home automation and security services.

Netgear did not offer a price for the unit.

Several MSOs who sell home systems based on iControl products already make a downloadable control app available. The Netgear Security Touch Screen (STS7000) is designed to be an inexpensive option that allows homeowners to manage and interact with their home systems, in addition to getting basic tablet functionality.

The STS7000 is based on the latest version of Wi-Fi – 802.11n –in a 2x2 WiFi, configuration, so that end-users can manage their connected security and home automation devices from anywhere in the home. 

“Consumers have rapidly adopted large-screen Android and iOS tablets as the primary interface for countless applications,” said Paul Dawes, senior vice president and general manager at iControl. “Our partnership with Netgear allows us to offer smart home customers a high-end touchscreen experience at a low price point, providing a breakthrough product for connected home security.”

In addition to home security and management functions, subscribers can use the tablet for a variety of other purposes:

  • Music application allowing users to stream iTunes anywhere in the home via Apple Airplay technology
  • Energy monitoring, management and thermostat control
  • Lighting control, enabling users to automate their lights and remotely turn on/off lights in and out of the home
  • Google Maps, with real-time traffic alerts
  • INTELLicast, for weather tracking and forecasting
  • News and sports alerts

“We’re excited to partner with iControl to bring consumers an integral piece of the connected home,” said Michael Clegg, senior vice president and general manager of the Service Provider Business Unit at Netgear. “The Netgear STS7000 gives users the power to do almost anything – from disarming their security system to turning on lights, locking doors, checking traffic and even viewing family photos, all from the palm of their hand. It’s the centerpiece of the next generation smart home.”