WE tv is working with Ensequence to make its own promotional spots interactive.

WE tv will include prompts during its promos, giving viewers the option to request a reminder text for an upcoming television program.

The viewer gets an easy way to remember to watch shows that interest them, while networks gain increased ratings and insight into the effectiveness of their promotions, Ensequence said.

The interactive promos will work on select Samsung Smart TVs.

Ensequence said the capability, called Promotions+, is available to all programmers.

WE tv signed on as an initial launch partner for Promotions+, and has run three campaigns to date. 

Over the course of the campaigns, WE tv said it has seen 25 percent of the viewers who interacted with the spot opt-in for an SMS reminder. Additionally, initial interaction rates were as high as 3 percent, significantly above standard rates for other direct response media such as internet advertising or direct mail; representing the potential to deliver millions of program reminders, translating into increased ratings for programmers.

“Promotions+ makes our promotional tune-in inventory more effective and impactful. The initial results have been strong and we believe – as Ensequence rolls out the product across distributors – it will continue to help drive viewership,” stated Jen Robertson, WE tv’s senior vice president of digital media and business development.