Zodiac Interactive now has available its hybrid QAM/IP Digital Video Broadcast System capable of powering legacy, tru2way, and next generation HTML5 ecosystems.

The company said its PowerUp Video Broadcast Solution (PVBS) is in the process of being deployed with two of the largest video service providers in North America (unidentified).

Cox Communications and Cablevision are customers for previous Zodiac products. 

PowerUp VBS unifies basic television operations with the middleware services layer and the presentation layer (browser based for HTML5 or native for legacy) and provides what Zodiac claims is the industry’s only universal, single stack capable of operating all managed devices.

Applications and services are created once and then delivered ubiquitously across all ecosystems. The ability to introduce a universal software solution for every managed device provides for unprecedented control of resources and application development for the service provider.

“PowerUp VBS unifies the variety of unique hardware-based technology platforms. Now, for the first time, there is a single unifying software stack that is capable of supporting Arris, Cisco, HTML5, tru2way, and the RDK, thus extending legacy usefulness while transitioning to next generation technology.” said Zodiac CEO, Brandon Brown.

The Power Up product suite supports existing and emerging standards including W3C, OPIF, HTML5, DLNA, etc. Zodiac Interactive is also a contributor to the RDK’s creation.

Zodiac is working with Charter Communications on its next generation, cloud-based user interface, for interoperability on next generation managed devises, and the 40+ models of existing managed devices.

As part of its continuing relationship with Cablevision, the company’s Optimum Program Guide, powered by the PowerUp Platform, has been successfully deployed on all of the company’s managed devices. Zodiac said it is currently readying PowerUp for HTML5 for future deployment of the Optimum Program Guide across Cablevision’s managed devices, furthering the company’s commitment to its cloud-based strategy.

Zodiac Interactive is in CableNET and ES-8.