Three TiVo-based service providers – Atlantic Broadband, Grande Communications and RCN – are all incorporating the Netflix app directly into their services.

The three are the first U.S. MSOs to directly integrate Netflix with their traditional services. European operators Virgin Media and Com Hem were the first to do so.

Bill Holmes, head of business development at Netflix, said all three are not only delivering Netflix directly through their set-tops, but they have also established direct network connections with Netflix.

“These three cable companies are leading innovators,” Holmes said, “offering more choices and a great experience to their customers. Not only are they the first U.S. cable providers to offer Netflix on their set-top boxes, they have also directly connected their networks to Netflix, enabling a better viewing experience with faster startup times and superior image quality.”

Netflix recently entered an agreement to pay Comcast for a direct network connection. The result has been that Comcast subscribers are now getting better, more reliable connections.

Customers of Atlantic Broadband, Grande and RCN will still need a separate subscription to Netflix, but they will be able to access Netflix in addition to live/linear TV, on demand, and other web content through their TiVo set-tops, rather than having to go through a separate device (streaming video boxes, Blu-ray players, game consoles, etc.).

Customers can use their TiVo DVR to easily search, browse and view Netflix’s commercial-free content.

“Now, watching Netflix is as easy as changing the channel,” said David Isenberg, chief marketing and strategy officer, Atlantic Broadband. “The ever-expanding selection of titles on Netflix is a tremendous complement to Atlantic Broadband’s existing portfolio of Live TV, HD channels and On Demand programming. Integrating the world’s leading Internet TV network with the world’s best DVR platform underscores our commitment to delivering customers what they want – instantly.” 

“The dynamics of this game-changing relationship are clear: more choices for the viewer via a simple, unified device,” stated Jim Holanda, chief executive officer at RCN and Grande Communications. “RCN and Grande Communications continue an unrelenting focus on delivering the best viewing experience for our customers through smart partnerships, innovation and superior Internet speeds of up to 110Mbps. The ability to seamlessly deliver new volumes of entertainment through industry leaders Netflix and TiVo is yet another way we are providing the best in customer convenience and satisfaction.”