TV Everywhere and multi-screen delivery make managing ad insertion increasingly complicated. This Technology has enhanced its digital ad insertion (DAI) system with a set of new capabilities that makes it easier for programmers and network operators to manage the ad insertion process.

The company's Trajectory Dynamic Ad Insertion connects any video infrastructure and ad serving platform to route advertising decisions across digital cable and Internet video systems. It provides an open architecture that drives real-time communication of dynamic advertisements in linear, time-shifted and on-demand content.

Additional capabilities in Version 2.1 of Trajectory include:

  • Support for the SCTE 130-3 2010 Placement Opportunity Data Model (PODM);
  • Support for schedule-less PO definition for TVE linear and Title VI streams;
  • Ability to define inventory ownership independent of physical content for multiple inventory owners; and
  • Enhanced operational tools that provide visibility into multi-site cloud based infrastructures.

The enhanced POMS improves enforcement of placement opportunity ownership agreements and quartile-level impression reporting.

The platform drives highly-available ad routing for linear, on demand, and network DVR with high performance, real-time inventory management (POIS) and ad decision execution. Trajectory also includes advertising asset availability information that ensures campaign managers can make decisions for the right ad, in the right form, on the necessary CDN.

The challenges that arise in modern DAI include the need to interface with more partner ad systems while supporting legacy systems alongside the latest IP-based services and devices. With Trajectory 2.1, This Tech drives the industry to overcome difficulty associated with managing ad loads, inventory splits and enforcement of these agreements across multiple platforms for multiple partners.

The company said it has identified the common features that need to be in all ad systems and builds those features into every system in the ecosystem without the redundant integration costs. Additionally, customers gain more control over the viewer experience through new features that normalize inventory definitions and usage across all players and their systems.

Denise MacDonell, This Technology’s vice president of product management, said, “Our latest release of Trajectory demonstrates continued maturation of the market and the required solution that helps open the advanced advertising ecosystem in a multiscreen world.”