SeaChange International and Invidi Technologies have developed a joint software solution enabling video service providers to coordinate multi-screen television ad campaigns across traditional linear, linear addressable, video-on-demand, catch-up, network DVR, and over-the-top (OTT) streams.

Deployable on-premise or in the cloud, the SeaChange-Invidi Cross-Platform Campaign Management Solution integrates the SeaChange Infusion advanced advertising software platform and the Invidi Advatar addressable advertising system.

The integrated product performs advertising insertion into linear addressable, video-on-demand and OTT content on any consumer device. The system conforms to common standards and specifications, including SCTE 130 and IAB VAST 3.0.

It relies on a single ad decision server (ADS) to enable impression-based campaign scheduling, reporting and real-time in-flight analytics and targeting. Deep analyses of impression-based campaign data serve as the driver behind campaign optimization and refined targeting.

Core solution components from SeaChange include:

  • Infusion Ad Decision Manager, Ad Decision Router and Linear Ad Decision Server
  • Infusion AdPulse Campaign Manager
  • Infusion Spot Manager for end-to-end system monitoring
  • Infusion Reports Manager

Core solution components from Invidi include:

  • Business Data Management System
  • Advatar Adaptor
  • Ad decision engine clients for set-tops and DVRs from Motorola, EchoStar, DirecTV and other manufacturers
  • Cloud-based ad decision engine for other devices and smart TVs
  • Advatar Reporting and Analytics System

Optional solution components include the SeaChange AdFlow content management system for multi-platform ad processing. SeaChange offers its extensive Professional Services systems integration capabilities for solution deployment, as well as its specialized advertising systems customer support. 

Dave Downey, president and CEO, Invidi Technologies, said, "The combined solution marks the end of advertising campaigns limited by the constraints of specific media types and the beginning of a single approach to all addressable television advertising including linear addressable, VOD, and OTT. While the relationship is non-exclusive, the combined solution enables Invidi and SeaChange to provide customers a single, complete addressable advertising solution for linear, VOD and OTT."

For advertisers, INVIDI Advatar is the ultimate impressions delivery system - making "Prime Time" whenever viewers are watching television, the two companies said. For the first time ever on any television platform media planners can precisely execute their advertising campaign with reach, frequency and separation - guaranteed impressions delivery to true demographic targets. For media buyers Advatar provides unprecedented access, preview, purchase, verification, real-time campaign management and dynamic reporting of television delivered impressions.