Mediacom Communications is now marketing a 305 Mbps broadband tier in its Cedar Rapids network, after beta testing the service for several months.

The new service level, called Mediacom Ultra 305, delivers download speeds nearly triples the company’s previous top broadband rate of 105 Mbps. The company intends to keep the 105 Mbps tier. It has not yet made any revisions to the speeds of its lower tiers, but expects to do so in coming weeks.

Cedar Rapids is the first market in which the company is offering Ultra 305. It is Mediacom’s second-largest market in the 22 states in which it operates.

The new broadband speed option is available to residential customers community-wide in Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, Bertram, Fairfax and Toddville, the company said. The company competes largely with Centurylink in most of those areas.

Mediacom is giving all customers who currently subscribe to the 105 Mbps tier a temporary, 6-month upgrade to 305 Mbps.

“With Mediacom Ultra 305, we demonstrate our promise to provide an always-faster Internet service,” said Mediacom group vice president Doug Frank. “Iowans were the first in the country to break an earlier speed threshold when Mediacom launched 105-meg speeds in 2010. Today we’ve raised the bar even higher in the Cedar Rapids area where innovation and technology are fueling a new spirit of creativity and vitality.”

The impact of the faster 305 Mbps broadband speed is more concrete, Frank said, when factoring in the total number of connected devices in today’s digital homes. When there are 10 connected devices (computers, laptops, cell phones, smart TVs, gaming systems), a typical 3 Mbps DSL Internet connection will be splintered off to 10 devices, resulting in individual connection speeds of only 300 kbps when used at the same time. With Ultra 305, all 10 devices can receive 30 Mbps simultaneously.

Ultra 305 provides consumers with an additional option when choosing broadband speeds, Frank said. Subscribers receive a cable modem specifically set to deliver the faster broadband speeds.