Imagine Communications has introduced a new version of its traffic and billing system that ties in with the company’s own cloud-based system for media management. The system is available for use by broadcasters, networks, and content distributors.

LandmarkOSI 8.0 integrates sales, CRM, traffic, and billing. The system taps the combined data to provide analytics that can be used to efficiently manage station inventory.

The product is the first to be announced by the company, which Harris purchased last year to become one linchpin in a new corporate approach unveiled last month.

With the latest LandmarkOSI version, the tool is now powered by MediaCentral, the company’s IP-based framework for migrating and optimizing media and playout functionality to a virtualized cloud environment. MediaCentral uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud service.

LandmarkOSI in the cloud provides a centralized information hub and database, allowing content management, sales, traffic, and scheduling to work together to optimize inventory utilization and sales resources, as well as eliminate duplicate data entry and automate routine tasks.

The new cloud capabilities improve the flexibility to launch new channels, scale to handle new content, and deliver cross-platform services, Imagine Communications said.

LandmarkOSI in the Cloud offers expanded features and functionality, such as geo-redundancy and high availability – which enable Disaster Recovery configurations. The Live-Update live log editor features instant bidirectional communications to ensure that inventory is available for sale up until the last minute, while eliminating the inefficiency and error of manual changes. These capabilities ensure a faster, smarter workflow and allow master control teams to stay focused on high-value tasks like prepping content for playout, the company explained.

“Today’s media companies would prefer to spend time growing their businesses using effective sales, traffic and billing processes, but they are burdened by complex, proprietary systems from multiple suppliers,” said Steve Reynolds, CTO at Imagine Communications. “LandmarkOSI in the Cloud enables our customers to focus on what they do best, while giving them the flexibility, through the MediaCentral framework, to leverage an integrated, end-to-end platform for advertising, traffic, automation and multiservice playout as their needs evolve.”

Separately, Imagine Communications said it is teaming with Marketron to provide broadcasters with TV and radio ad sales, traffic and scheduling, and automation solutions. The partnership provides improved cross-media revenue operations and reporting for companies with multiple properties and markets. By moving from discrete, bifurcated systems to a unified system for TV, Radio and Digital, Imagine Communications and Marketron said they will enable customers to harness unified order entry on the front end and combined billing on the back end.