All users of Digital Rapids products will soon be able to work with content in the MPEG-DASH format and the UltraViolet Common File Format (CFF).

The company said it is preparing to release a set of new software components and updates to its Transcode Manager 2 automated file-based media processing software and its underlying Kayak workflow platform that will enable those capabilities.

The company has been testing the options in beta with some customers, and is now ready to commercialize them.

The MPEG-DASH option creates outputs targeting DASH-AVC/264 interoperability and implementation guidelines.

The Kayak option for the creation of UltraViolet CFF media assets support the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem's (DECE's) UltraViolet initiative. UltraViolet enables consumers to create personal digital entertainment libraries with the freedom to access their content anytime, anywhere across multiple viewing devices. CFF is designed to provide consistent download compatibility across UltraViolet-compliant devices and apps.

Additional new components bolster Kayak's powerful Closed Caption management and manipulation capabilities with the ability to create discrete SCC Closed Caption files and SRT subtitle files from data included in the input sources or following transformations such as caption re-timing for differing frame rates.

Meanwhile, server-level efficiency enhancements result in faster deployment and a reduced storage footprint for distribution of new or upgraded components in both new and existing Transcode Manager 2 installations with multiple Kayak-based processing resources.

Digital Rapids is also introducing a new standalone version of Kayak Workflow Designer for single-system applications.

The new extensions will be showcased at the 2014 NAB Show alongside upcoming functionality such as HEVC format support and new integrations with third-party partners including Cinnafilm and Vidcheck.