The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) has approved Nagra’s digital rights management (DRM) system to protect the streaming of premium SD and HD content to open devices for its UltraViolet streaming service.

DECE had previously approved Nagra’s DRM, Nagra MediaAccess Persistent Rights Management (PRM), for streaming to closed devices.

Nagra said it has the only pay-TV centric DRM on DECE’s list of streaming technologies approved for this usage.

“As a longstanding supporter of our initiative, Nagra has unique expertise in pay-TV content protection and a DRM technology that has established a proven track record with service providers around the world,” said Mitch Singer, president of DECE. “We look forward to working closely with them as part of the DECE eco-system.”

“Nagra’s global pay TV operator customers increasingly build their business on securely delivering premium content to any screen, and DECE approval represents an important vote of confidence in our DRM solution.” said Maurice van Riek, Senior Vice President, Head of Content and Asset Security for Nagra. “Customers choosing PRM to protect their services now know that it’s among a very small class of the world’s most trusted DRMs – and the only one with a roadmap driven purely by the needs of pay TV operators.”

MediaAccess PRM is deployed by pay-TV operators around the world and enables a wide variety of use cases beyond secure over-the-top streaming of both linear and VOD content, including secure PVR/DVR recording and playback as well as the sharing of content across multiple devices within authorized domains.

It can also serve as a bridge to DTCP-IP devices to securely extend the experience outside of the service provider’s own ecosystem, Nagra noted. All these services are fully controlled by the service providers through a flexible set of usage rules.