The Comcast AdDelivery service, which is part of Comcast Wholesale’s suite of services, has teamed up with Adstream to offer a global ad delivery platform.

The two companies said the combined platform would provide advertisers a fast, efficient and reliable method for managing and distributing video assets over an international ad delivery network. The combination of reach and capability would provide global marketers with visibility, control, reporting and management of their advertising asset distribution.

Adstream delivers over two million assets per year to more than 106 countries, storing all of those assets in the company's Adbank utility. The joint partnership will now allow global brand managers to receive reports in real-time, showcasing assets on one digital system, while giving visibility of all activity across global markets.

Adstream said it was currently the only company that provided direct distribution to LATAM, EUROPE, ASIA and ANZ, and now in conjunction with Comcast AdDelivery it will also offer distribution to U.S. destinations.

"Since our launch, we have strived to be on the forefront of ad distribution technology.  While we have grown substantially over the last decade, this relationship will give us the opportunity to tap the U.S. market for further growth," stated Gerry Sutton, CEO of Adstream. "We'll now be able to assist our global clients in managing their assets in the U.S., as well as helping to expand American brands to international markets. We are excited to be in a unique position to offer this to the market."

Capable of delivering tens of thousands of HD and SD ads per day, with orders often sent within less than two hours, Comcast AdDelivery currently provides ad distribution for over 10,000 national, regional and local advertisers. 

Comcast AdDelivery uses Comcast's 100 gigabit fiber backbone for the delivery of HD and SD ads electronically to media destinations across the United States and parts of Canada. Its footprint encompasses the majority of U.S. broadcast and cable networks, local broadcast stations, cable and other multichannel video distributors, radio stations, and online video web publishers. 

"Our team is excited to get involved with expanding distribution to international markets utilizing Comcast's industry leading fiber network. Our clients will now be able to distribute ads across the world using a simplified platform" said Todd Porch, vice president and general manager, Comcast AdDelivery. "We have been committed to growing this integral part of our business over the past year and believe this showcases our commitment to provide a global ad distribution system."

Comcast Wholesale, which is a division of Comcast, also offers HITS and other services to cable operators.