Cisco said it will make its service provider customer premise equipment (CPE) routing software available in open-source format, which opens the possibility of that software being used in RDK-compliant products.

The potential products include everything beyond set-top boxes, including modems, routers or converged gateways.

The RDK is a pre-integrated software bundle that provides a common framework for powering CPE from TV service providers.

Steve Heeb, president and general manager of RDK Management, said,"The RDK was created to provide greater transparency and standardization of customer-premises equipment, in order to accelerate the pace of new service introductions. To date, most of the RDK development has been focused on set-top boxes and gateway devices. Cisco's open-source contribution of routing software is an important step to help bring the RDK to a new class of broadband devices."

Eric Schaefer, Comcast senior vice president & general manager of communications data & mobility services, said, "We applaud Cisco for materially advancing the progress of shared and open-source CPE into consumers' homes. This generous technology contribution, just like the RDK for video devices, will enable a shared innovation platform for broadband devices in the home.  We anticipate this will be a cornerstone in giving broadband service providers like Comcast and others the ability to innovate with product development, hosted navigation and cloud-based services."

Cisco's open-source contribution is planned to be a key component of future RDK-based broadband products, building upon open-source components by adding a flexible control plane enabling a modular component-based framework.

Cisco's approach will enable the RDK community to use a modular component-based framework to simply and effectively enhance current features and also add new features. As with the current RDK for video services, this approach would allow operators to utilize the same stack across multiple CPEs facilitating the introduction of new features and services more quickly.

Joe Cozzolino, Cisco senior vice president, general manager, service provider video infrastructure, said, "We are providing a key foundation for more and faster innovation in the telecommunications industry using open-source software; it's a win for everyone and especially subscribers.  Our proven technology portfolio and role advising leading global service providers makes us specially equipped to help develop and implement the industry's new open-source standard for broadband services to the home."