After taking a hard look at its core IT and operational systems—including billing, CRM, and mobile workforce management—Cable One selected TOA Technologies for its new platform.

Cable One is using TOA Technologies’ cloud-based ETAdirect offering to transform its field operations and improve the customer experience.

"My job is to make sure that each of our 800-plus field technicians get to the right job on-time, every time. With our current mobile workforce management system, we weren't routing and scheduling customer appointments as optimally as possible due to capacity/quota being stuck in the billing system. This made it difficult to accurately get our field technicians to the right job, because the billing system doesn't have the intelligence to create an actual, real-time view of capacity/quota," said Tad Drescher, manager, process improvement and workforce management at Cable One.

Cable One will be deploying ETAdirect across its 19-state footprint, which includes 650,000 subscribers.

With more than 800 Panasonic Toughbook CF-19s in the field, Cable One’s IT team spent a lot of time making sure the current mobile workforce management system was up-to-date. Because the ETAdirect mobile application is in the cloud and delivered via a browser, it will be automatically updated, saving IT time and ensuring the solution is always current.

In addition, because ETAdirect is device-agnostic, Cable One has the flexibility to adopt any new mobile device in the future without worrying about compatibility with ETAdirect.

ETAdirect will also learn, pattern and predict capacity/quota by time measurements, calculating capacity and quota down to the minute for the most accurate routing and scheduling possible of technicians. Using ETAdirect's predicted time of arrival capability, the workforce management system will automatically remind customers about their appointments, and give them the option to confirm, cancel or reschedule the appointment.

Last year TOA announced it had raised $66 million from a venture capital company, which it planned to use for global expansion. Customers for TOA include Dish Network, Cox Communications and Suddenlink Communications.