ADB continues to evolve its Commercial Video Solution (CVS) with the latest edition targeting the healthcare industry.

Using its set back boxes, cable operators can now offer a cloud-based HD/VOD service to hospitals and doctors that includes monitoring and reporting. The cloud hosting part of the service eliminates the need for mini headends in hospitals while reducing truck rolls by doing real time diagnostics from a dashboard.

Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC), which had already deployed CVS for its hospitality service, deployed CVS 2.0 for healthcare in February. The service, which TWCBC called “HD Video for Healthcare,” provides HD video, free VOD programming, an interactive program guide and the ability to pause live TV to hospitals, doctor’s offices, long-term care facilities and other medical facilities. It also works with bedside pillow speakers, and doesn’t need a set-top box for each TV.

“I’ve been calling it a ‘win, win’ win’ for the operator, hospital and patients,” said Chris Dinallo, senior vice president, global business development at ADB. “Some insurance companies mandate that patients be educated when they come out of a procedure. With our system the operator can launch a VOD title that is specific to an operation. Our system can educate the viewer and track and record that they’ve viewed the video.”

CVS 2.0 can be integrated with a hospital’s monitoring system by having a device, such as a pillow speaker or bedside monitor, that has a direct link to a nurse’s desk while also serving as a channel zapper. 

“With many MSOs and their customers achieving a demonstrable return on investment from CVS, we are focusing on new management tools that help operators further reduce operating costs, a wider choice of consumer devices and operator customized solutions for different customer segments,” Dinallo said. “Already our work with Time Warner Cable and other leading cable providers has yielded their customers greater efficiencies, cost savings and an innovative product for revenue generation. We’re looking forward to greater expansion in the U.S. market, bringing better TV services to hospitals, hotels and small businesses.”

Going forward, CVS 2.0 will also evolve into a pure IP solution, Dinallo said. Dinallo also said that ADB was positioning itself as more of a software company instead of just offering hardware solutions.

In addition to Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks and Charter Communications are also ADB customers.

ADB will be showing CVS 2.0, along with its hardware lineup, at The Cable Show next week.