In an effort to promote budding broadband-based home management services, HGI and the Broadband Forum (BBF) are proposing what they’re calling a “universal template” to facilitate interoperability among home devices and smart home applications.

The key to the idea is a logical abstraction layer that would be used to provide smart home services to broadband consumers.

The aim of the abstraction layer is to allow smart home applications authored by different companies to easily connect to in-home devices, without needing to know which of several interface technologies is employed in each smart home.

Currently it is difficult for applications to easily support devices on more than a single smart home interface, the two organizations explained.

In addition to the abstraction layer and universal template, the HGI and BBF are working together to clarify the performance and co-existence requirements for wireless home area networks (WHAN). This project sets out detailed requirements that support smart home services and will assist service providers to evaluate and select available WHAN solutions, they said.

As both the templates project and the WHAN project continue, HGI and BBF will reach out to the industry stakeholders to ensure that practical results are attained.

“Both of these projects are very important in machine-to-machine systems for consumer applications and discussing the concrete details for a universal template for interworking between devices and applications is a significant step forward for the Smart Home Task Force,” said Duncan Bees, chief business and technology officer of HGI. “We look forward to hearing the feedback of both HGI and BBF members and updating them on our other work within the Smart Home ecosystem.”