Atlantic Broadband is quietly increasing Internet transmission rates and expanding the number of service tiers for business customers.

ABB has more than doubled its fastest tier, from 50 Mbps to 110 Mbps. The new set of tiers also includes options for service at 15-, 30-, and 75 Mbps.

The faster connections are available "everywhere we offer Internet," Atlantic Broadband CMO David Isenberg, confirmed to the Kent County News in Maryland.

ABB provided automatic speed increases for consumers in December, with a new maximum speed of 75 Mbps.

The Pro 15 tier is priced at $80 a month for 15 Mbps download and 1 Mbps on the upstream. The Pro 30 package is $110, the Pro 75 is $190, and the new top tier, the Pro 100, is $350. All bundles come with multiple e-mail addresses, allocations for back-up data storage, and other features for business customers.

Bundles are available with basic-tier HDTV and VoIP.

Customers using older service tiers are grandfathered.