While Verizon had the highest customer satisfaction results for its customer service calls, Comcast received the worst marks out of the nine companies that were surveyed.

Out of the nine categories in the customer service survey, Comcast scored the lowest in eight, according to a survey by Vocal Laboratories (Vocalabs).


Comcast had the lowest scores in the percentage of customers who would subscribe again, the percentage of customers who would recommend the company, customer satisfaction with the customer service call, customer satisfaction with the customer service representative, the percentage of customers who said it was easy to reach an person on the call, the percentage of customers who did not have to go through repetitive or irrelevant steps on the call, and the percentage of customers whose problems were resolved on the call. Comcast tied with Time Warner Cable for worst customer satisfaction with the company overall in the survey.

Customer service has been an Achilles’ heel for cable operators. During its fourth quarter and year-end earnings call Time Warner Cable executives said the company was taking steps to improve its customer service, including same day appointments in some areas of its footprint. 

In telephone interviews conducted right after a customer service call during last year, 51 percent of Comcast customers surveyed said they were “very satisfied” with their customer service call, according to the study on phone-based customer service quality conducted by Vocalabs. During 2013, 66 percent of Verizon customers surveyed were “very satisfied” with the experience, giving it the top call satisfaction score for 2013. AT&T, DirecTV, and Sprint each had 65 percent of customers give their customer service calls the top rating, putting those companies in a statistical tie with Verizon.

Vocalabs has been collecting customer service data on AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon since 2009, but added coverage of CenturyLink, Comcast, DirecTV, Dish Network, Comcast and Time Warner Cable last year. The five new companies had smaller survey samples than the four that were tracked before last year.

Of the four companies Vocalabs has tracked since 2009, T-Mobile posted the biggest gains in customer service quality from 2012 to 2013.

“In 2013 we expanded our survey from the four major mobile phone companies to include other communications services including cable TV, landline phones, and high-speed Internet,” said Peter Leppik, CEO of Vocalabs. “Comcast was notable for its poor showing in our survey. In eight of the nine metrics we track. Comcast had the lowest score of all nine companies we studied. In some cases, Comcast was far behind the second-worst companies. Comcast was 11 points behind DirecTV and Verizon in how easy it was to reach a person, and a whopping 17 points behind T-Mobile in the percent of customers who said they had to go through unnecessary steps on their call.”