CSG International announced this morning the worldwide launch of its new cyber security platform, which was designed for the enterprise security sector.

CSG applied its 30-years of experience in telecommunications technology to its new enterprise security business, which is known as “CSG Invotas.”


Instead of detecting and analyzing intrusions, CSG said Invotas provides proven automation and orchestration solutions to respond in real time to emerging and ongoing cyber attacks.


 “Our clients have witnessed a staggering rise in the number of cyber attacks and compromised data records, and they need partners that can support real-time security management,” said Peter Kalan, president and chief executive officer of CSG. “Attacks unfold in the blink of an eye but can take months to be properly contained and eradicated. CSG Invotas enables our clients to respond to attacks in real time, providing increased levels of business assurance, continuity, efficiency, and risk management; decreased technology operations costs; and the ability to protect mission-critical infrastructure continuously and securely.”


CSG said Invotas offers security practitioners a platform that uses adaptive, flexible automation and orchestration solutions to enable real-time responses and scalable change management.


Each year, CSG said it manages eight trillion mediation events, penny-balances more than $36 billion in revenue, and processes 12 billion transactions on behalf of its clients.

CSG International’s customer client list includes AT&T, Comcast, Dish Network, Time Warner Cable and Verizon.