Concurrent has implemented the ability to cache live streamed video in its MediaHawk VX content delivery system, enabling service providers to offer start-over functionality with live content.

The vendor said that a top-tier European cable MSO (otherwise unidentified) has implemented the technologoy.

The approach relies on caching live video content in the network as it is being streamed. Content is stored for a set duration to provide a rolling time-shifted playback window. During this window, consumers can watch and interactively control content playback on any of their connected devices.

Viewers are able to pause, rewind, and fast-forward live broadcast video programming.

Caching content in the network is useful for providing DVR-like functions to subscribers who lack a DVR.

Concurrent said the cost advantages of network based recording services are numerous, including a reduction in the aggregate amount of storage required to support the service, decreased system complexity, simplified maintenance and fewer truck rolls.

“Network based time-shifted TV services are a great way for service providers to deliver premium pay TV functionality to a new array of smart TVs, streaming media consoles, and mobile devices,” said James Brickmeier, senior vice president of strategic marketing.

“By offering more control over live content and a better overall user experience, service providers can attract more subscribers and cater to those of us who watch more video on our second and third screen devices than we do on our home TV. Pay TV operators are in a unique position to capitalize on the growing demand for online streaming services and Concurrent is delivering the functionality they need to reach customers on a whole new set of screens,” Brickmeier added.