Cogeco Cable Canada and Canadian broadcast TV station have begun offering advertisers the ability to target viewers on a geolocation basis.

Cogeco, broadcast station CHCH Television, Invidi Technologies, and software distributor Capital Networks worked together to bring up the system.

Cogeco has installed Invidi’s Advatar addressable advertising platform to accomplish geo-specific content delivery. Capital Networks is managing the ad insertion operation for the Advatar system. The ads are customized for Cogeco subscribers viewing CHCH.

Through the Invidi Advatar system, CHCH's advertising clients can deliver tailored messaging during a commercial break to households of a specific geographical area within Cogeco's footprint in the Golden Horseshoe (Cogeco’s U-shaped operating footprint, which curves around the western edge of Lake Ontario; the area includes Toronto).

"The first advertiser to take advantage of this leading edge technology is the New Democratic Party of Ontario," said Geoff Thrasher, general sales manager, Channel Zero, the company that owns CHCH.

"Their ads will only be seen in households within the Niagara Falls by-election riding boundaries, and with no spill outside of this area, the targeting ability of the Advatar platform allows clients to include television in their media plan – affordably," concluded Geoff.

The broadcaster is offering ad avails during its 6:00 & 11:00 evening newscasts, as well as throughout the channel's primetime movies and programs, and its simulcasts of U.S. news programs 20/20, 48 Hours and 60 Minutes.