Canoe has certified This Technology’s MetaMore for Programmers as integrated with the Canoe VOD DAI platform via their Integration Certification Program.

Many MSOs are moving forward rapidly with dynamic ad insertion (DAI), but the process continues to have shortcomings, among them a lack of data and communications standards among advertisers, programmers and cable companies. This Technology designed MetaMore to address that specific problem, and others.

Canoe’s certification assures programmers that they can use This Technology’s cloud-based metadata asset management system to efficiently create and distribute information about video assets for VOD and advanced advertising, the vendor explained. The result is streamlined metadata authoring, automated input for multiple system types and efficient delivery of dynamic ads on VOD.

“In deployments with Canoe, This Technology’s MetaMore has a proven track record of making it faster and easier for programmers to deliver specific metadata information that supports dynamic ad insertion on VOD platforms, such as in the time code tags process,” said Joel Hassell, chief executive officer of Canoe. “To date, MetaMore is the first metadata asset management system that we have certified based on its ability to meet the needs of programmers at scale, conformance to CableLabs specifications and successful interoperability testing.”

The Canoe Integration Certification Program supports the cable advertising ecosystem by identifying the industry solutions that have not only been integrated and tested to work with Canoe utilizing CableLabs Metadata 1.1, 3.0, SCTE and IAB VAST, but have also been deployed in one or more live production environments for an extended period of time.

This validates the product’s ability to serve programmer metadata asset management needs today and in the future, including as the industry moves to support CableLabs Metadata 3.0 for video content metadata sharing, This Technology noted.

“MetaMore’s cloud-based architecture, robust tools for metadata input and compatibility with a broad range of video platforms makes it an ideal solution for programmers that are eager to build more efficiencies into the metadata management process,” said Jeffrey Sherwin, chief executive officer of This Technology. “We look forward to our ongoing work with Canoe and the programmer community as we continue to ramp up deployments of MetaMore and our other leading solutions for dynamic ad insertion and alternate content.”

MetaMore offers Web-based content metadata editing tools to simplify communication of metadata information in an environment where multiple format types are in play and speed is imperative. Programmers can easily create or modify guide, billing and distribution metadata, including the scheduling of license window and specification of distribution points. It also allows for one-time creation of metadata that can be easily distributed to multiple platforms, including VOD, broadband television and TV Everywhere. MetaMore is platform agnostic and standards compliant, with capabilities that include the Content Information Service (SCTE-130-4/CIS), CableLabs VOD 1.1 and 3.0, and the Broadcast Exchange Format (SMTE-2021/BXF).