Brightcove can now enable content providers who are developing apps for Google Chromecast to dynamically insert ads in their content streams.

Brightcove recently acquired Unicorn Media, which had developed a product suite that performs cloud-based digital ad insertion (DAI) and “video stitching.” Using Unicorn Media’s Once technology, Brightcove can build a content stream complete with ads and deliver it from the cloud. Ads can be delivered on a personalized basis.

Brightcove said Once reduces or eliminates the need for platform-specific ad technology, making it possible to deliver live or on-demand video with customized programming and targeted advertising to a wide range of devices.

By relying on Brightcove Once, app developers are relieved from having to deal with client-side code, SDKs or plugins, Brightcove said. Brightcove Once facilitates the automatic transfer of metadata back to the user’s Apple or Android-based Chromecast app to allow for the seamless delivery of applicable, geo-targeted ads that integrate into the video stream without buffering.

As a result, Chromecast publishers can deliver a seamless, television-like experience, complete with personalized ads stitched directly into the video stream.

Using Brightcove Once, publishers can also easily reach a wide range of mobile and connected devices in addition to Chromecast without additional investment.

With Brightcove Once UX, Chromecast publishers can incorporate interactive video ads, insert ad overlays in video streams, hide controls to prevent fast-forwarding through ads and more.

Brightcove Once also captures detailed analytics so publishers can assess content and ad performance in real time.

Google recently decided to unlock its Chromecast software development kit (SDK), enabling anyone to write apps that can run on Chromecast, Brightcove pointed out.

“Chromecast has quickly become one of the top three selling electronics devices on Amazon and offers some of the most popular online entertainment options, including Netflix, YouTube, Hulu Plus and Google Play movies and music, with new apps coming on board at a rapid pace,” said AJ McGowan, Brightcove’s chief technology officer. “Broadcasters and content owners that want to quickly take advantage of Chromecast can now leverage Brightcove Once to deliver premium video content streams that include targeted advertising.”

Chromecast is a $35 dongle that plugs into HDTVs. Viewers can then stream content from a smartphone, tablet or laptop through their Wi-Fi routers to their TVs. The originating device becomes the remote control.