ZCorum has introduced a new tool that analyzes DOCSIS pre-equalization data, which cable operators can use to identify upstream impairments.

The company’s Pre-Equalization Analyzer uses technology from Nimble This to analyze the pre-equalization data from cable modems. Nimble This is a collaboration of software developers with The Volpe Firm, headed by Brady Volpe.

The new ZCorum tester can not only identify upstream impairments, but also determine the location of the impairment and the severity of the impairment.

This allows operators to prioritize maintenance operations, while benefiting from the improved signal quality inherent in DOCSIS Pre-equalization, the company said.

Cable operators are encouraging the development of a new set of test systems that can be used for proactive network maintenance, and to that end are sponsoring a program at CableLabs, called InGeNeOs, which aims to create new test capabilities for DOCSIS networks.

The new ZCorum tester aligns with those interests.

Volpe (who is also a member of the of InGeNeOs group) said, “I’m excited to be working with ZCorum on bringing this product to market. I like their TruVizion software, and Pre-Equalization Analyzer is the perfect complement for that tool. It’s a game changer for the industry and the way that operators will maintain and manage their networks moving forward.”

ZCorum president and CEO, Julie Compann, said, “We’ve had a great working relationship with Brady for some time now, and are thrilled to be working with him on this new product. It’s a perfect fit for our mission, which is to help cable operators improve their broadband service through increased efficiency, lower costs, and a better experience for the subscriber.”