Concurrent with the announcement of its fourth quarter financials, Time Warner Cable said it is set to embark on a series of service upgrades and improvements that will include free speed boosts for its broadband customers, the introduction of a 6-tuner DVR for upper tier video customers, and a transition to all-digital in its Los Angeles system.


TWC executives touched on several of these initiatives during its conference call with analysts to discuss its Q4 earnings, but the company released a few more details in a separate announcement.

As mentioned during the conference call, the company will rebrand its service. Where peers such as Cablevision (Optimum) and Comcast (Xfinity) chose names entirely divorced from their corporate monikers, Time Warner Cable will keep a vestige of its identity in its new brand: TWC Maxx.

The upgrades will be implemented first in New York City and Los Angeles, and gradually through the rest of the company’s footprint.

In addition to the Internet speed upgrades, chairman and CEO Robert D. Marcus, said, TWC will “add more community WiFi, dramatically improve the TV product and, perhaps most importantly, we’ll set a high bar in our industry for differentiated exceptional customer service. We’re focused on providing the features and benefits that matter most to our customers.”

The first phase of this initiative in NYC and LA will include a stringent review and upgrade of all of its hubs, the company said. The first four hubs to receive upgrades are those that service customers in West Hollywood and Costa Mesa in California, and portions of Woodside (in Queens) and Staten Island in New York. The Company will complete its transformation of the customer experience in both major markets by year-end.

TWC conversion of its network in Los Angeles to all-digital by removing all remaining analog TV channels will free bandwidth to be redeployed for faster broadband speeds and other enhanced services. TWC completed an all-digital network conversion in New York City last year.

As for broadband upgrades, customers in the Standard and above tiers of Internet service will be guaranteed the latest generation modems. Turbo to Ultimate tier customers will receive Advanced Wireless Gateways.

Internet customers with the following current speeds will receive new download/upload speeds:






Current Mbps Speeds Up to





New Mbps Speeds Up to

Everyday Low Price Customers











Basic Customers











Standard Customers











Turbo Customers











Extreme Customers











Ultimate Customers











TWC said it will continue its expansion of free, unlimited use of public WiFi in both markets. All Business Class customers and residential customers with Standard or above Internet service will get fast, reliable connections for all their wireless devices on the go.

On the customer experience side, the company promised simplified navigation, more program information, a new On Demand portal and better search capability across its footprint, again starting in NYC and LA.

TWC said it is also going to increase its On Demand library of content to nearly 75,000 hours.

Later in 2014, customers in these markets will have the option to lease an advanced set-top box with the capacity to record up to 12 times more content, and the flexibility to watch and record programs on six different channels simultaneously.

Representatives of TWC were not immediately available for comment.