Extending an ongoing business relationship, Simulmedia said it is integrating set-top-based audience data from FourthWall Media to enhance its targeted advertising business.

Simulmedia expects to improve its targeted advertising by including FourthWall’s full daily feed of anonymous, second-by-second, TV viewing data from more than 2 million U.S. homes. The two companies began working together in 2012.

Simulmedia said it will match FourthWall’s viewing data to household purchase data. The company said its approach will maintain the privacy of the viewers.

FourthWall has not identified which cable operators it is working with that are providing access to viewer data.

"Already, Simulmedia uses FourthWall data in combination with multiple other data sources including TiVo Inc.’s TRA, Nielsen Buyer Insights, and GfK MRI, among others, to sell and measure TV campaigns based on reaching audiences based on their actual purchase behaviors, not just demographics," says Dave Morgan, Simulmedia's founder and CEO.

"Our new agreement with FourthWall meaningfully expands Simulmedia’s footprint of U.S. TV viewing data and the anonymous purchase matching will help enable our next generation of closed loop ad targeting on TV, where we intend to report on actual purchase lift generated by campaigns. We want to make every spot count and to guarantee the results.”

Simulmedia rolled out its purchaser-based TV ad targeting in the fourth quarter of last year and expects to roll-out campaign reporting with actual sales on a spot-by-spot basis in the second half of 2014, focusing first on the retail, financial services, e-commerce, automotive and travel industries, the company said.

“FourthWall Media, through its MassiveData® division, provides audience analytics and second-by-second television viewership data from millions of set-top boxes,” says Bill Feininger, GM, MassiveData and SVP, Media Measurement for FourthWall. “Anonymous custom ratings metrics are unlocking the door to more effective television commercials.  We have been helping politicians find likely voters segmented by which issues are important to them.  Now our matching technology is being used by product marketers. We look forward to working with Simulmedia to close the loop in support of audience-based targeting on TV."