Entropic flooded CES with a spate of new products, including a series of chips for satellite set-top boxes; an Android-based IP STB with partner TVStorm; and another IP “set-top” in the form of an HDMI stick, developed with Novabase.

Entropic also announced a MoCA 2.0 USB bus-powered adapter reference design that can be used to create a compact MoCA 2.0 device that can anchor a whole-home network for high definition (HD) and Ultra HD video and streaming media services.

Entropic said the satellite box chips comprise its first fully-integrated STB system-on-a-chip (SoC) family. The EN7300-series integrates High-Efficiency Video Codec (HEVC) decoding, MoCA 2.0 (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) home networking, dual DVB-S/S2 demodulators using full-band capture satellite tuning and 3D graphics acceleration.

The family currently includes two members: the EN731x, a single-chip dual DVB-S/S2, HEVC STB SoC, and the EN730x, a single-chip HEVC IP-Client SoC, both available with or without MoCA 2.0.

The company is will be providing samples of both this quarter to certain customers.

TVStorm specializes in middleware and embedded software products for digital broadcast. The two companies ported TVStorm’s Android Jellybean 4.2 software development kit (SDK) onto Entropic's IP/hybrid set-top box SoC, the EN757x/8x to create their IP STB.

The unit supports Miracast, the peer-to-peer wireless screencasting standard that enables wireless or wired delivery of high definition (HD) video to or from computers, tablets, mobile phones, and now STBs. Miracast allows a device to securely send or receive 1080p HD video enabling consumers to watch live programs from a STB on a tablet or 'echo' display HD content from their mobile device onto a TV.

The TVStorm IP-STB is available today.

With Novabase Digital TV Technologies, Entropic developed an HDMI IP-based set-top box (IP-STB) stick that supports broadcast quality conditional access security (CAS).

The set-top stick, which features 802.11n wireless support, can be plugged directly into an HDMI input on the television. By having an HDMI input, it can be used in conjunction with existing STBs to add support for OTT content and a web browser to enable operators to expand their service offerings.

"Operators and OEMs are demanding full-featured solutions in small form factors with both hardware-based DRM security and broadcast quality CAS," said Michael Pauli, managing director of Novabase Digital TV Technologies. "By working closely with Entropic, we are able to create a powerful IP-STB solution with broadcast quality security in an incredibly small form factor."

The device will be available later this quarter.

Finally, Entropic devised its adapter reference design for extremely low power applications; it complies with the 2.5 Watt power consumption limit required for any USB bus-powered product.

OEMs can make devices based on the reference design that can be tucked behind the television, game console or set-top box to provide MoCA connectivity to any Ethernet-ready consumer electronics (CE) device or any service provider’s set-top-box without requiring an additional power adapter.

A MoCA 2.0 network, used as the home's backbone, can deliver net throughput at rates in excess of 400 Mbps over 16 devices (or nodes).

The new MoCA 2.0 USB bus-powered adapter is available today.