Cisco has created a hardware-independent, software-only version of its Videoscape video delivery platform. The company will also begin offering Videoscape as a cloud-based service.

At the same time, Cisco said the NBC operating unit providing coverage of the upcoming Olympics in Sochi will use Cisco equipment – including the new cloud-based elements – to produce, transcode, and stream on-demand content from the games.

Videoscape Cloud Software takes Videoscape software, separates it from dedicated hardware and enables it to run on service provider and media company public and private clouds, including those based on OpenStack, Cisco said.

This enables Cisco customers to deploy new video applications on demand, then easily and automatically scale them. The approach enables second-screen applications, the delivery of 4Kvideo, and more customization and personalization for viewing and sharing content across multiple devices, among other features and services.

Cisco said Videoscape Cloud Services can be purchased on a consumption-based model.

The company also introduced what it’s calling Cloud Fusion for Videoscape. Cloud Fusion enables service providers and media companies to mix-and-match elements from all modes of deploying Videoscape.

After all, some companies already have Videoscape equipment installed.

“Recognizing that one size does not fit all,” the company said, “Cisco Cloud Fusion means that Videoscape can be tailored to the needs of each customer, allowing them to evolve to their choice of infrastructures without requiring costly replacements or major upgrades.”

The cloud-based approach has already been tested and approved with some of Cisco’s European customers, and will be used by NBC at the Olympics.

The Cisco hardware and software components NBC will be using include: Videoscape Acquisition Suite, Videoscape Media Suite, Videoscape Distribution Suite (VDS), and Videoscape clients, including set-top boxes and HTML5-based soft clients.