Amdocs has revised its customer experience management system with one set of features designed to increase the service personalization options that service providers can offer to their subscribers, and another set designed to cater to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

The new capabilities in Amdocs’ CES 9.1 cut across multiple channels (business and residential), network (wireline, wireless), service or device. The company’s CES product portfolio span business support systems (BSS), operational support systems (OSS) and network control.

One of the additions to CES 9.1 is the integration of social media into customer care. Amdocs Social Care extends customer care to social network channels, enabling service providers to monitor and rapidly respond to customer complaints.

CES 9.1 can link customers’ BSS profiles with their social media profiles, explained Amdocs VP, products and solutions marketing Rebecca Prudhomme. This would be an opt-in process.

If, for example, a customer were to start complaining about his or her service on Twitter or Facebook, that could trigger an alert for the service provider, who could respond accordingly, perhaps by instructing customer service to contact the customer.

In the past, Amdocs has spoken about the potential for using this capability to also identify those who express satisfaction with a product or service. The company could offer the individual rewards, incentives or promotions, as appropriate. With that subscriber’s permission, it might be possible to extend rewards / incentives / promotions to that subscriber’s social circle.

Prudhomme said that the social media capability was developed in conjunction with Attensity, which specializes in rapid analysis and evalution of social media activity.

Amdocs SMB enables service providers to bundles business services across communications and value added services (VAS) such as VPN, business and cloud applications.

An element of that is making the product catalog configurable, Prudhomme said. That makes it easier for a service provider to add business software (e.g., QuickBooks), which can then be offered on a SaaS (software as a service) basis.

“You can do smart bundling,” Prudhomme said, “it allows for a la carte options.”

Amdocs said it has also enhanced self-service options and bring your own device (BYOD) capabilities in CES 9.1.

Another new feature, Amdocs Multi-Play,provides a real-time view of the customer across all lines of business (such as wireless, wireline, broadband, Pay-TV and cloud services) and all devices (including mobile, fixed and wearable) to deliver a personalized customer experience.

The holistic view allows service providers to differentiate services beyond price with smart bundling that allows customers to easily create personal bundles. Amdocs Multi-Play’s capabilities enable service providers to support promotions and discounts across all lines of business and manage complex hierarchies for all customer segments, both residential and business.

The new version also makes better use of network information to drive customer experience. Using capabilities from its existing network analysis assets, Amdocs CES 9.1 will inject real-time insight concerning the customer’s network experience into the customer care agent’s desktop, the company said. This integration of geo-location network information will allow the agent to make informed decisions concerning the customer’s actual experience.

Amdocs Smart Net solution is an intelligent Wi-Fi offload solution, enabling service providers to deliver an optimal customer experience across networks based on network quality of service and the customer’s personalized profile and value.

Finally, Amdocs Small Cell solution automates small cell planning and project management to reduce network design and deployment time and costs; provides end-to-end, catalog-driven planning, design, and rollout solution for next generation networks.