Using HTML5, ActiveVideo has updated its CloudTV software platform to provide cable operators and online video providers the ability to deliver web-style interactive TV ads at scale and with increased simplicity.

The key to ActiveVideo’s CloudTV Adcast platform is that it can render the ads in the cloud across legacy set-top boxes as well as in a wide range of IP devices.


“Today interactive advertising is not ubiquitous,” said Sachin Sathaye, vice president, strategy and producing marketing, ActiveVideo. “There’s a lack of publishing standards and you have to write the ad for all of the various platforms."

In order to extend its reach into the interactive advertising world, ActiveVideo partnered with Brightline, which helps advertisers build the ads, and provides usage metrics through its In-Television solution. To date, Brightline has launched over 500 interactive ad campaigns. Currently, ad campaigns with Brightline customers L’Oreal and American Express are running on ActiveVideo’s platform on Roku channels.

The engagement level of the L’Oreal ad campaign, which is more informative in nature, increased from several minutes to 12 minutes to 14 minutes over the past three weeks, Sathaye said. To date there have been more than 100,000 click throughs.  

In addition to the increased engagement levels, Sathaye said the CloudTV Adcast platform could reduce the fragmentation across the various devices while reaching 300 million boxes.

Using triggers such as EBIF or SCTE-130, cable operators can locate an interacdtive ad campaign box on their mosaic guides, or users can telescope into a campaign through a pop up button during a show or ad. Satheye said a line of code could be added to enable t-commerce in the interactive campaigns but the current implementations were more “learning environments.”

“The fragmentation and limitations of connected devices and set-top boxes have kept television advertising largely frozen in time and have restricted the personalization, interactivity and metrics that are driving the growth of Web ads,” said Jeff Miller, president and CEO of ActiveVideo. “Using CloudTV AdCast’s ‘write once, deploy everywhere’ environment, pay-TV and online video providers can generate new revenues from interactive ads on STBs and connected devices; connected device manufacturers can monetize devices after the point of sale; and advertisers can use the same creative – including full interactivity -- across multiple devices at scale.”

The first ActiveVideo product to be available under a service (SaaS) business model, CloudTV AdCast can be hosted by pay-TV or online service providers within their own data centers or by ActiveVideo in a fully virtualized, enterprise-class cloud environment.

Available on more than 10 million devices in the United States and abroad, CloudTV is being used by Charter Communications, Liberty Global, Cablevision Systems, Ziggo, Oceanic Time Warner Cable and others. Its also in a multi-stage trial with Comcast. In addition to Roku, CloudTV is also powering advanced user experiences on Philips-brand NetTVs.

ActiveVideo announced the partnership and CloudTV Adcast at this week’s International CES conference in Las Vegas.