Billing vendor CSG International announced this morning that it had purchased some of the assets of Volubill.

According to media reports, Volubill was put into compulsory liquidation and receivership on Oct. 29 in France. Financial terms weren’t available.

Volubill, which is based in France, was a supplier of integrated real-time policy and charging solutions to mobile, satellite, and fixed broadband operators.

“CSG’s global strength, credibility, and coverage will enable Volubill products to reach a much wider market than was possible for Volubill alone,” said John Aalbers, CEO of Volubill. “We are very pleased to become part of the CSG family.”

CSG said the Volubill assets that it acquired would allow the company to expand its charging and policy reach and expertise abroad while providing a path to new capabilities and services.

“Our clients are always looking for the most effective ways to maximize the value from the data and traffic that travel across their networks, and Volubill was an early innovator in that space,” said David Heaps, senior vice president of business strategy at CSG. “Volubill’s well-respected brand and broad client installations will bolster CSG’s own expertise in revenue management, service personalization, and customer management. CSG has a deep client-focused culture and a reputation for maintaining long-term relationships. We look forward to serving the Volubill customer base.”

CSG’s customer list includes AT&T, Comcast, DISH, Orange, Reliance, SingTel Optus, Telecom New Zealand, Telefonica, Time Warner Cable, T-Mobile, Verizon, Vivo, and Vodafone.