Jinni, whose search and recommendation engine helps users find video content intuitively, has launched a new, free iPad app and website.

The Tel Aviv, Israel-based company said the new platforms delivered intuitive, personalized recommendations for movies, television and streaming content that match a user’s tastes and moods. The company’s “entertainment personality” technology analyzes thousands of content characteristics and connects it with a person’s viewing history to find the appropriate video content.

“In viewing one's own entertainment personality a user inevitably learns more about their own tastes. Jinni puts all the elements on display for the user to explore and understand making them more meaningful, as opposed to competitors who keep this information to themselves,” said Yosi Glick, co-founder and CEO of Jinni. “Jinni’s new website and iPad app deliver the ultimate entertainment experience with mood based recommendations so people can enjoy discovering content as well as watching it.”

Using content genetics and nuanced understanding of user tastes, Jinni said its engine enables an intuitive and personalized experience that increases content consumption and consumer satisfaction.

Once users registers through the website or app and begins rating content or importing ratings from other services such as Netflix or IMDb, Jinni automatically analyzes their tastes and the trends present in their viewing history to determine what moods, styles and plot elements that particular user enjoys. Jinni then constructs an “entertainment personality” for each user and makes recommendations by comparing it with the “genes” of all the titles in the platform’s massive catalog, figuring in the user’s preferences and other relevant filters.

In addition to the search and discovery feature, the iPad app also lets users click straight through to videos on Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Vudu, HBOGo and Xfinity if they are subscribers. The app also lets viewers share what is being watched on Facebook, build personalized TV listings based on users’ tastes and lets them build “wish lists to be notified when programs and movie are on.

Customers for Jinni’s search and discovery engine include Xbox, Comcast, Vudu and Time Warner Cable.