Following its initial release on iPads in August, Cox Communications’ Contour app now works on several Android-based tablets including Google's Nexus and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 2, Tab 3 and Note tablets.

Contour serves up video content to Cox subscribers both in-home and on the go, and works with the personal recommendation engine from ThinkAnaytics. The Contour app works in conjunction with the set-top box Contour Guide, which features Cisco’s whole home DVR platform, and can be used for remote DVR management. 

"We are excited to expand this personalized TV experience through Contour to a greater audience," said Cox’s Len Barlik, executive vice president and chief product officer. "Having TV content accessible on a second screen truly enhances and personalizes the TV experience. Android users are now able to use the interface to discover content, set DVR recordings as well as start viewing shows on their device and switch over to TV with just a touch."   

Last quarter, Cox customer views of content online and on mobile devices more than doubled those seen in the prior year. In a recent study, Cox found that more than half of its customer households watched some streamed video on some type of smartphone or tablet device, with nearly 20 percent on an Android device.

Cox has lined more than 100 channels of live TV for Contour viewers, as well as more than 6,000 VOD choices. The user guide can recognize up to eight different user profiles and provide recommendations for each user.

In addition to the Cisco DVR, which can record six shows at once and features 2 terabytes of storage, Cox’s whole-home DVR platform allows viewers to watch recorded shows on any TV in a home.

Earlier in the year, Cox showed Contour at Cisco’s booth at The Cable Show, although at the time it was called a “personal video experience” app