Comcast has implemented a software upgrade in Arris wireless gateways that enable IPv6 support. The company has deployed more than 4 million of the gateways – Arris’ TG852 and TG862.  

The upgrade makes Xfinity Internet one of the largest native IPv6 deployments of customer premises equipment (CPE) worldwide, Arris said.

The transition from IPv4 to IPv6 continues apace. While there is an enormous installed base of systems that operate only with IPv4, moving forward, more and more Internet enabled products and services will rely on IPv6.

"Comcast has been working for over four years laying the technical foundation and paving the way for a smooth transition towards IPv6," said John Brzozowski, Comcast Fellow and Chief IPv6 Architect. "Leveraging CPE that is software upgradeable and that can handle both IP versions has been critical to our success, and our extensive IPv6 rollout on CPE complements our DOCSIS 3.0 based cable modem termination systems, which Arris also develops and supplies to Comcast."

Separately, Arris announced it was the system integrator for the IPTV headend that BT has been using to distribute BT TV and BT Sport.

Arris integrated products from Screen for DVB subtitling, Miranda for core processing functions, and Brocade for IP switches and routers.

Arris contributed SE 6501 and SE 6601 encoders and its DM6400 CherryPicker application platform to deliver digital video in standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD).

The solution was designed with encoder redundancy and separate disaster recovery capabilities to ensure the system can recover from outages while also bolstering capacity.

BT Sport, launched 1 August in the UK and Ireland. Viewers can access the content via BT TV, as well as online or via the app.

Its three-channel line-up, comprising BT Sport 1 & 2 and ESPN, offers high-definition content and high-profile live sporting events, such as Barclays Premier League football and Aviva Premiership rugby. It is now available in some four million homes.

David Mason of BT, head of delivery – TV service platforms said: "The reliability of Arris technology, expertise and collaboration gives us the confidence that we have a leading delivery platform that is providing our customers with an excellent viewing experience."