Cable One has increased the upstream speed for free across three of its tiers.

The company’s Streaming 50 Mbps plan now has a 3 Mbps upload speed; the 60 Mbps Premier plan has been upgraded to a 4 Mbps upload speed; and the 70 Mbps Ultra Plan has been upgrade to a 6 Mbps upload speed. The previous upstream speed was 2 Mbps across all three tiers.

“Our customers have expressed a need for faster upload speeds and we’re committed to listening to our customers and delivering the latest products and technical advancements while maintaining the highest level of reliability and customer care,” said Joe Felbab, Cable One vice president of marketing.  “We’re confident that these faster upload speeds will enhance our customers’ Internet experience in an environment where more and more of our customers are sharing pictures and videos online.”

In order to reach the faster upstream speeds, Cable One subcribers will need to reboot their modems.

In June, Cable One ditched its data plans with overage charges, allowing customers a 300 GB data guideline for its 50Mbps plan. It also launched new 60 and 70 Mbps plans with higher data guidelines.  

Earlier this year, Cable One announced it was spending $60 million on a infrastructure enhancement, which includes upgrading nearly 50,000 amps, installing more than 600 nodes, replacing 800 miles of cable and adding 600 miles of fiber.  

Cable One, which is a subsidiary of The Washington Post Company and the nation’s 10th-largest cable operator, offers its triple play services to 730,000 customers in 19 states.