The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) recently announced the selection of members for its SCTE Board of Directors for the upcoming 2013-2014 term.

The SCTE’s board of directors is comprised of seven appointed directors that each serve two-year terms, and eight regional directors who are elected to one-year terms. The eight regional directors are selected from and elected by SCTE’s 13 regional representatives, each of whom acts on behalf of an SCTE region.

For the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 terms, Tony Werner, executive vice president and CTO of Comcast, was newly appointed as a director while Terry Cordova, senior vice president and CTO of Suddenlink, was reappointed. 

Entering the second year of their terms are five other appointed members: Mike LaJoie, executive vice president and CTO of Time Warner Cable and chairman of the current 2012-2013 SCTE Board; Ralph Brown, CTO of CableLabs; Pat Crull, Ph.D., group vice president and CLO for Time Warner Cable; Jim Hughes, senior vice president, Global Broadband Sales for CommScope; and Martha Soehren, Ph.D., Chief Talent Development Officer and senior vice president for Comcast University and Comcast Cable. 

The eight elected directors for the 2013-2014 board term were:

• George Bosak, technical training manager, Midcontinent Communications

• Ron Hardzog, Jr. executive director, video engineering, Cox Communications

• Roger Hughes, senior engineer, Armstrong Cable Services

• Joe Jensen, executive vice president and CTO, Buckeye CableSystem

• Randy Love, market project manager, Comcast Cable Communications

• Mario Massi, senior manager, permit design & approval, Cogeco Cable

• Nick Segura, manager, network operations, Charter Communications

• Rick Sullivan, Midwestern sales account manager, Times Fiber Communications/Amphenol. 

Hughes, Jensen, Segura and Sullivan currently serve on the 2012-2013 SCTE Board of Directors.

Elected directors were selected from SCTE’s regional representatives. Regional representatives for 2013-2014 are: Shane Portfolio, Comcast Cable Communications (Region 1); Nick Segura, Charter Communications (Region 2); Randy Love, Comcast Cable Communications (Region 3); Ronald Hardzog, Jr., Cox Communications (Region 4); Rick Sullivan, Times Fiber Communications/Amphenol (Region 5); George Bosak, Midcontinent Communications (Region 6); Joseph Jensen, Buckeye CableSystem (Region 7); Tommy Hill (Region 8); Derrick Hanson, Cox Communications (Region 9); Bob Legg, Suddenlink Communications (Region 10); Roger Hughes, Armstrong (Region 11); Joseph Guariglia, Comcast Cable Communications (Region 12); and Mario Massi, Cogeco Cable (Canada).

“SCTE’s continued success is in no small measure due to the dedication of our board and our regional representatives,” said Mark Dzuban, president and CEO of SCTE.  “I’m grateful to the outgoing board members for their contributions and look forward to working with the 2013-’14 board to drive new levels of technology innovation, standards and learning for the industry.”

The 2013-2014 board will meet for the first time and will elect officers Oct. 21 at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in Atlanta.