An app for Verizon’s Redbox Instant subscription streaming service has made its first appearance on Sony’s PlayStation3 game console, taking its place next to Sony’s own Crackle, Netflix, Amazon Instant, Vudu, and Hulu.

The service had previously been available on Roku, Xbox 360, Android and iOS devices, Samsung Smart TV and Internet Connected Blu-ray devices, LG Smart TV's, and Google TV.

Redbox Instant will come with a new recommendation feature that Verizon and Sony built specifically for the PlayStation. Called The Playlist, it will be featured on the PS3’s main dashboard. The two companies describe it as a curated, rotating collection of movies that highlights titles from the service’s library.

The companies made no mention of availability on the PS4.

Redbox Instant by Verizon is priced similarly to rival subscription content services at $8 a month, though it looks a little more like the old Netflix than the new Netflix, which now charges double to get both streaming service and DVDs by mail. A Redbox Instant by Verizon subscriber can get a DVD at any Redbox kiosk and keep it for up to four nights, in addition to being able to stream movies instantly. A Blu-ray package is also available for another dollar.

At the moment, Redbox Kiosks enjoy an earlier release window than most subscription streaming services.

Additionally, both subscribers and non-subscribers can take advantage of the Redbox Instant by Verizon online store to purchase and rent new releases on-demand.

Verizon said Redbox Instant now has a library of more than 7,000 movies.

Shawn Strickland, CEO of Redbox Instant by Verizon, said, "With the newest movies for the best value available through our subscription service, combined with the added ability to purchase and rent new releases, as well as the addition of our curated Playlist, we offer something for everyone."