CommScope announced its first products designed to help customers migrate toward cable’s new CCAP standards.

CommScope Converged Services Platform (CSP) will be available in two versions. The CSP 640 is a nine-rack-unit model with support for a maximum of 9,600 downstream QAMs. Aggregate throughput of 640 Gbps.

The CSP 1280 is 14-rack unit model with up to 19,200 downstream QAMs. Maximum aggregate throughput is 1.28 Tbps.

Similar to many of its rivals in the QAM market, CommScope has focused first on creating ultra-dense system. With this many QAMs, the company, the ability to remotely manage and "pay as you grow," coupled with redundancy, is crucial and standard on every chassis, said CommScope’s Sunil Frida, who announced the products in a blog post.

In the future, CommScope will add support for other elements of the CCAP specification, including upstream DOCSIS and MAC (media access control), native IP processing, Ethernet passive optical network (EPON) and EPON over coax (EPOC) interfaces.

“Our final phase will have the upstream DOCSIS CMTS component. It is our belief that cable operators will deploy a CCAP chassis as mega QAMs. Either way, CommScope is well positioned to work with operators in this converged market,” Frida said.

CCAP promises cable operators a solution that saves space and power, has full redundancy and the ability to move to an all IP world when the time comes, CommScope explained. In terms of building blocks, CCAP is really a composition of three boxes-Edge QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation), cable modem termination system (CMTS) and passive optical network (PON).