Cablevision Systems has aggregated a package of phone features for small businesses looking to manage incoming calls.

The Virtual Receptionist from Optimum is a cloud-based call routing and answering service that combines a set of call forwarding options.

Features of Virtual Receptionist include:  

·         The ability to direct customers to the right person, department or information message;

·         The ability to record a greeting for business hours, with the option to create an additional greeting for after hours;

·         Time of day scheduling to allow businesses to decide when they want a live person to answer customer calls and when to use the virtual receptionist;

·         Calls can be delivered to any phone number within the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands or any cell phone;

·         Selection of 12 on hold music treatments and two intercept messages for the enhanced hunt group call queue. 

The Virtual Receptionist aims to help small companies project a more professional image, the company said. It automatically answers incoming calls with a custom recorded message and presents the caller with a variety of call routing options. Additionally, the Virtual Receptionist enhances customer rollover hunting with a queue when other lines are in use to ensure businesses never miss a customer call.

Small business users can manage the service, including the recorded messages and keystroke options, through a web portal. A set-up wizard guides customers through configuration and set-up. Cablevision said Virtual Receptionist does not require any additional equipment for companies that are already customers of Optimum Voice.

Cablevision is charging an extra $14.95 a month for the Virtual Receptionist package above and beyond the monthly fee for the telephony service.

Joseph DeLotto, Cablevision vice president of business product management, said, “The Virtual Receptionist is an important business tool that gives our customers advanced phone capabilities to ensure they never miss a call, whether in the office or on the go.”