ZON Multimedia is set to launch a networked DVR capability for its multi-screen delivery service. Viewers will be able to record content from a range of devices to be viewed up to 7 days later.

The capability, essentially a catch-up service, is being enabled by Concurrent’s MediaHawk VX unified content delivery solution.

ZON’s multi-screen delivery service, called Iris, supports delivery to televisions, personal computers, iPads , and iPhones.

Branded as Timewarp, ZON’s video catch up service allows consumers to record any live TV program on more than 70 channels and view it up to seven days after airing. Users can record multiple channels simultaneously and playback recorded programs on-demand at their convenience.

“ZON is launching a first of a kind service in the region and we are proud to be working with Concurrent on this pioneering effort,” said, José Pascoal, head of planning, engineering and services architecture at ZON. “With Concurrent, we have expanded our Iris services beyond traditional TV services, to provide multi-screen services, and now a seven day catch-up service, in order to better serve our customers. The success of our Timewarp product demonstrates that customers want innovative video services that offer a consistent and compelling user experience across screens.”

ZON uses Concurrent’s MediaHawk VX unified content delivery solution and intelligent video archival software to record and cost effectively store video programming in the network. Concurrent said its solution is modular and scalable, enabling ZON to progressively increase the recording, storage, and streaming capacity of the Timewarp service over time to satisfy growing consumer demand for the new service.

ZON TVCabo is the leader of the Portuguese pay TV market and one of the largest European operators. With around 1.6 million customers, it is also the largest triple play operator in Portugal.