Ultra HD is becoming an ever more viable option as the industry develops supporting solutions. NetInsight is demonstrating lossless 4K distribution; Elemental Technologies is showing a 4K delivery solution; Sagemcom is demonstrating gateways that support Ultra HD, aka 4K; and the DVB consortium of European video distributors is running multiple 4K demos.

Many of the demos also weave in the use of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) compression technology, which will be useful in handling the larger data content of 4K video. Sagemcom said it is showing a platform that supports HEVC, and thus able to support the delivery of 4K TV.

NetInsight is addressing the bottleneck broadcasters face with live 4K contribution.

The difficulty is that 4K requires four times the capacity afforded by 3G-SDI on 1 Gigabit Ethernet and 10 GE connections.

The company said it will illustrate how broadcasters can begin the migration to 4K Ultra HD transport over commonly available 1GE and 10GE connections using its Nimbra 600 MSR series, and its JPEG2000 modules.

DVB is partnering with Eutelsat and Kabel Deutschland to bring three different demonstrations of 4K TV being delivered via DVB-S2 and DVB-C2.

In the first, a 4K HEVC encoded signal is being transmitted from Eutelsat’s uplink station in Paris using DVB-S2. The signal is then demodulated and fed directly into Village Island’s HEVC contribution decoder. 

A second demo is of a DVB-C2 transmission system consisting out of a C2 modulator and a C2 demodulator will carry the 4k content.  In addition to the 4k content being delivered via the Eutelsat 10A satellite link, there is also a local play-out with content provided by Sky Deutschland. After decoding with a Broadcom receiver, the content is presented on a LG 4K display.

In the third demonstration 4K content encoded with H.264 and transmitted via DVB-S2 by Eutelsat from Paris is fed directly into a Samsung display with integrated S2 receiver.

Elemental Technologies, meanwhile, plans on showing advances in HEVC video compression, including an end-to-end, 10-bit video processing pipeline and full frame rate HEVC encoding. Demonstrations will include 4K p60 10-bit Ultra HD HEVC processing using Elemental Server, real-time 1080p60 HEVC encoding using Elemental Live and live HEVC encoding via Elemental Cloud.