AfterBuzz TV has contracted with Akamai Technologies to distribute its schedule of aftershows, a series of webcasts and podcasts of commentary that immediately follow the broadcast of television shows and televised events.

Akamai is delivering the aftershows to iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as to personal computers.

The growing popularity of aftershows is part of the growing second-screen phenomenon, in which supplemental content is becoming an integral part of the viewing experience – representing yet another incremental increase in traffic on data networks.

Second-screen material includes after-shows, along with additional video clips online (webisodes), trivia, quizzes, games, and other material created by the programmers themselves. An example is AMC, which provides a range of supplemental material for shows such as “Dexter” and “The Walking Dead,” including their own after-shows.

AfterBuzz represents an amplification of that trend, in which a third party is creating aftershows for other programmers’ content. The organization, which refers to itself as a network, is currently producing podcasts of more than 55 programs per week, and getting a cumulative 20 million downloads from 75 different countries.

The network aims to add approximately 30 more aftershows to its program schedule and eventually introduce the ability to stream video on demand from its website.

 “Akamai is helping AfterBuzz TV build and deliver an innovative programming model that otherwise wouldn’t be feasible by giving us the ability to efficiently reach connected audiences with live, high-quality content,” said Maria Menounos, co-founder, AfterBuzz TV. “Our aftershows attract passionate, highly engaged ‘superfans’ that want to extend the experience of their favorite shows and talk about the episodes beyond the regular viewing window. The Akamai platform enables us to grow the communities around our programs by allowing viewers to watch and engage on nearly any connected device they choose.”

AfterBuzz TV also drives significant traffic to its podcasts, which are made available for download shortly following each aftershow. “Working with Akamai, we’ve been able to dramatically accelerate the download speeds for our podcasts,” said Keven Undergaro, co-founder, AfterBuzz TV.

“We’ve observed a sizable uptick in number of downloads as well as positive viewer response since we began delivering the AfterBuzz TV podcasts using Akamai,” added Phil Svitek, executive producer, AfterBuzz TV.