Belgacom has selected Edgeware’s Distributed Video Delivery Network (D-VDN) system for multiscreen delivery of both live and on-demand video.

This is a continuation of an ongoing supply relationship. Belgacom previously deployed Edgeware IPTV technology to enable a networked PVR (nPVR) service. Belgacom installed Edgeware’s D-VDN alongside its nPVR system this past summer.

Relying on the combination, Belgacom is providing its subscribers with access to 55 channels at home or on the go, supporting a range of devices including connected TVs, PCs/Macs, iOS and Android devices.

Customers can use the multi-screen app for the service, called TV Partout, to access the full Belgacom TV electronic program guide (EPG) and schedule recordings on their nPVR service.

“Scalability was the key reason we selected Edgeware´s multiscreen solution,” said a spokesperson for Belgacom. “Edgeware allowed us to rapidly scale, adding streaming licenses and successfully delivering live events with an uptake of 5-6 times the normal peak. In addition, the way the engineering team quickly solved technical issues for live services has further strengthened our confidence in Edgeware.”

Belgacom TV now has a subscriber base of 1.4 million, and its app for the multi-screen service, called TV Partout, is seeing growing success amongst IPTV customers, the vendor said.

Last week, Edgeware announced the D-VDN Origin Accelerator, a companion system to work with origin servers that aims to increase the efficiency of delivering multi-screen and TV-Everywhere content. It accelerates both ingest and playout capacity of origin servers.