Arris announced its own version of a Sling Box, built in conjunction with Sling Media. It’s a new gateway Arris will offer as part of its whole home product portfolio.

For the last two or three years, Arris has intended to create a home brew version of Sling – which uses a broadband connection to forward authorized content to subscribers who are away from home.

Clearly having decided not to reinvent the wheel, Arris joined with Sling Media to introduce the Arris Media Streamer 4000 (MS4000) which, working in conjunction with Arris’ MG5000 Media Gateway, can offer up to 4 simultaneous HD channels. It will use the Moxi user interface (UI) common to Arris Whole Home portfolio.

When Sling Media introduced the Sling Box, it said the technology automatically constituted a full TV Everywhere solution, and that’s the way Arris is positioning the MS4000.

Multiscreen delivery will support streaming both live and on-demand content to mobile devices, including tablets, smartphones, PCs and Macs. The box uses Wi-Fi for n-home streaming; it includes support for remote streaming over cellular and WiFi networks.

The MS4000 will be commercially available starting in the first quarter of 2014. No price was specified.

"Sling Media is a pioneer and leader in content place shifting. The MS4000 is a strategic addition to our evolving follow-me TV portfolio that empowers service providers to keep pace with consumer demand," said John Burke, Arris’ SVP corporate strategy & development, and president of its cloud solutions business.

A recent Sling Media customer survey found that current users of Sling Media's retail products, the Slingbox 350 and Slingbox 500, are better connected and watch more live linear and DVR content to more devices in more places than average consumers—a desirable and increasingly demanding demographic that service providers can now address with the MS4000 platform.

Live content (sports and primetime shows) is the most watched form of content for Slingbox owners both inside and outside the home

Nearly two-thirds use their Slingbox frequently, with three-quarters of usage taking place away from home